Android アプリ Podcast

MyPOD V2 Podcast Manager

Manufacturer: Sentinel Web Technologies

  • * Auto-update and download w. many tunings. Easily stream or download anything.
  • * Great UI with Side-drawer nav, refine/sort, overflow and bulk operations everywhere.
  • * Great Explore & Discover section with Recommended, iTunes search, YouTube channels, all the top networks scanned regularly.
  • * Player with history, configurable skip buttons, playlist integrated, show notes.
  • * Dual player for spicing up that monotonic voice podcast (just play you fave music in the background).
  • * Web player for normal web pages. Easily manage what you play for the web.
  • * Use the Android share functionality to share webpages & feeds with MyPOD
  • * Choose save location globally or per podcast - useful if you listen off the SD card (e.g. in car)
  • * Works great on tablets (Some more refinements are coming in Beta).
  • * Lots of import functions and options (OPML, text, sharing).
  • * Automatic space management (chose amount of space to use).
  • * Username/password (401) support for paid feeds.
  • * Auto sorts new/download/listened episodes.
  • * Smart Playlists, build your own channels. Drag re-order.
  • * Android widget & notification integration.
  • * Supports YouTube Feeds, RSS, ATOM.
  • * Crispy clear vector icons throughout.
  • * (Coming soon) Remote service - organise MyPOD on you desktop & controls devices remotely.
  • * (Coming soon) Synchronize you podcasts across all your devices and integration with other online services (e.g. pocket, ...).