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MOOCs University ("MOOCs U") - A Proximity-based Social & Education Network helping People Interested in MOOCs Connect

Manufacturer: Good from Apps

  • MOOCers Near: Proximity-based feature to see & reach out to other MOOCers near you or around the world
  • MOOCers Chat: Live Chat feature enables you to talk live with other MOOCers around the world about MOOCs 24/7.
  • MOOCers Wall: MOOCers can post announcements to this wall seeking other MOOCers interested in same MOOC subject area;specific MOOC or just about anything related to MOOCs.
  • MOOC Meetups provides users with a list and map of MOOC Meetup groups worldwide.
  • Most up to date Directories of Higher Ed, K-12, and Other MOOC Providers
  • MOOC Credentials feature provides users with information on and links to MOOC Verified Certificates and Series by the leading MOOC platforms.
  • Listing of leading MOOC Resources available to help you search for and evaluate potential MOOCs you may want to take. From listings of the top MOOC search engines, MOOC review sites, MOOC tutoring sites to Online Book sites and others.
  • MOOC Sounds: In an effort to help some of you who may find themselves in loud, non-private shared computer labs/hubs/trains/buses or coffee shop environments to focus on your MOOC work, a selection of soothing instrumental background music is shared here.
  • MOOC Blogs, including shared student success MOOC stories, from the some of the world's leading MOOC providers and their MOOCers are provided here.
  • Latest Twitter MOOCsNews & information are provided to help you stay abreast of the latest developments in MOOCs worldwide. Our hope is that this free app can be of some help in whatever MOOC journey you embark on.