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My Town : Beauty Spa Saloon

Manufacturer: My Town Games ltd

Price:¥ 305
  • NEW! Character can now blink ;)
  • NEW! You can now dress our characters with Shoes.
  • NEW! Change hair styles for all characters !
  • Explore all of My Town's beauty spa saloon rooms. Hair saloon, clothing store, nail saloon, Gym, Jacuzzi, Sauna and more!
  • New characters to create your story with
  • Foot massage, face mask treatment, nail polishing, hair colouring are just part of your visit to the beauty spa saloon.
  • Discover all gym activities, see the people train and sweat.
  • Visit the Beauty Saloon Store and check out the new bathing suit collection.
  • No time limit, pressure points or score. Pure pretend play.
  • No ads or in app purchases