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CNC 3020 400w 4 Axis USB Port 3D Drilling Router DIY cnc3020 Wood Carving Engraving Machine Engraver Milling Machines Kit

Price:¥ 82,531
  • 1. A fine & well tailored machine to meet your specific applications of both Production & Amatuer Use, help move your cnc business & knowledge to the next level
  • 2. This Kit Machine contains control box, rack, motor, software (Shareware version of Mach3), tools, fixtures and tools. No Need to be assembled , Plug and ready to be used.
  • 3. An overall structure of gantry movement, with ball screw, single-ended fixed, single-ended support.
  • 4. Product Application: Drilling, digging hollow, cutting, shaped relief (plus the fourth axis of the carving, three-dimensional carving, stone carving)
  • 5. Processing Materials: Wood ,Acrylic ,Plastic, ABS Copper Plate , PVC Bone ... etc

This Kit CNC3020 (400W with 4 Axis and USB Port controller) is a desktop CNC machine, designed for processing standard level of engraving, suitable for both Production & Amatuer Use


1. This router is with usage of Punch,Trenching hollow,Cutting,Shape, Relief, please be noticed that round carving, three-dimensional carving, walnut carving can be carried with the 4th axis equipped)
2. NOT for engraving on Metal, glass, crystal, transparent or translucent stuff.

- Power: 400 W
- Table Size: 400 / 240 / 400 mm
- Working Area: 300x200x80 mm
- Spindle Speed : 0-9000 / RPM adustable
- Precision: 0.05mm
- nterface: USB
- OS: Win32 & Win64
- Speed Control Mode: By Mach3 ( We provide Shareware version only )
- Cooling: Air
- Driven Motor :57 step motor
- Power Supply: AC 360W , DC 36V 10A
- Output Voltage: 220v / 110v
- Package Weight : (3 Axis , 19 KG )
- 4th Rotary A axis: Reduction Ratio 1:6, center height: 50mm/ Default 3-Jaw Card
- Tailstock: Center Height: 50 mm, Scalable within 50mm
- Lathe structure:6061/6063 Aluminium alloy
- X,Y,Z axis: High precision 1605 Ball Screws
- Protection:Emergency stop button


1 x Standard CNC router of 4 AXIS ( 4th Axis )
1 x CD ROM disk for Shareware software and documents
1 x Controller
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Automatic tool setting
6 x Wrench
1 x Accessories
7 x Tool