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65 Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks

Manufacturer: Jamstring

Price:¥ 277
  • ● Licks in the style of players such as Django Reinhardt. The gypsy jazz style (also known as jazz manouche or hot club jazz) uses techniques such as alternate picking and bending.
  • ● The scales used include major, minor and harmonic minor along with diminished arpeggios and various passing notes.
  • ● Licks has audio played both slow and fast and contains a full transcription in guitar tablature (tab).
  • ● Track your progress by marking which guitar licks are your favouries.
  • ● By using this app you'll never run out ideas when improvising again!
  • ● Range of difficulties. The licks are suitable for for intermediate and advanced guitarists.
  • ● No ads or in app purchasing!