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eQuran Lite

Manufacturer: Baqa Creatives

  • » Elegant and intuitive interface.
  • » Multi-Touch surah index with a spacious and smooth tracking that lets you jump directly to display juzz/para, surah, play audio, sura information and statistics in single touch.
  • » A powerful Qur’an Search Engine offers Arabic text search support.
  • » Search any word or phrase in Arabic, in supported languages or in transliteration.
  • » Intuitive and user friendly Sura Display Mode, with Multi-Touch gestures.
  • » Comprehensive and intuitive audio Quran, providing advanced audio features to help people learn recital (Tajweed) and memorize (Hifz) the Holy Quran.
  • » Fully customization of audio controls for listening the Surahs (or selected range of verses).
  • » Synchronized display of the ayahs and/or selected translation(s) during playback.