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Nude Beach at Longboat Key: A Collection of Sex-Packed Adventures (English Edition)

Longboat Key is Roscoe Caterwaul’s third nude beach collection of sex-packed adventures, following Passage Key, and Lido Key. He learns about scientific research in the human sexual response conducted by his medically-trained friends, Bill and Ginny, who publish books about their experiments. Subjects are monitored with electrodes and body responses are measured and recorded at every stage of excitement. A tiny camera embedded in the head of a large mechanical phallus records movements and reactions inside the subject’s body and projects in full color onto a TV monitor.
Roscoe takes two beautiful young women to Cuba on a pilgrimage to Ernest Hemingway’s former estate, Finca Vigia. They meet two young tiny gymnasts from Bermuda and the 5 are intimate at the Hotel Ambos Mundos, the famous writer’s residence in the 1930s.
These sex-packed adventures make for an exciting book.
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