Android アプリ 郵件・通信

Signal Guard Pro

製造商: duoduosoft

價格:¥ 293
  • [Function Description]
  • 1) cellphone communications signal restore funtion to restore broken and weak network, enhance signal.
  • 2) cellphone baseband lock, base station refresh function to improve the cellphone signal quality.
  • 3) WIFI connection management, improve the diagnostic function to improve WIFI connection rate.
  • 4) Signal power saving function to save cellphone power, extend standby time.
  • 5) monitoring cellphone signals work status , double icon displays the amount of telecommunications signals.
  • 6) Use combination of sound, vibration, LED three ways to remind lost signal and signal network restored.
  • 7) Record logs of losing signal and restore signal network, for check and management later.
  • 8) The app can be set to boot from the start, provide whole time monitoring.
  • 9) Support all the software and hardware of Android models in the market. Support monitoring and restoring the signal even the cellphone is in standby or hibernation mode.